Benefits of SPDR:

For adopters:

They can rescue a purebred and give it a new chance for a good life while possibly saving its life.

They can consult with a knowledgeable person for assistance in finding a dog of their chosen breed and the right dog for their situation.

For listers:

SPDR can provide pre-screened adopters for owners needing to relinquish their dog, which helps keep dogs out of shelters.

For dogs:

Informed choices and SPDR’s ongoing support after the adoption result in more successful, long-lasting adoptions, preventing “shelter bounce back.

For Shelters:

SPDR’s involvement helps get purebreds adopted from shelters, thereby making more room in shelters for all dogs, giving them a better chance to be adopted.


Dogs available for adoption through SPDR can be any age and come from a variety of backgrounds.  SPDR requires all  dogs to be spayed or neutered.

Why Purebreds?
Our most frequent question

1.  The Humane Society of the United States estimates that 3 to 4 million dogs enter animal shelters every year.

2. Roughly 25% of these dogs are purebred.

3.  Many people looking for a new dog are looking for a specific breed.

4. SPDR forms a valuable link between  individuals looking to adopt purebreds, and our volunteers with breed-specific expertise, which improves the chances of a good adoption for all concerned.






Since 1987, Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue has been working with local area shelters and private individuals to find homes for unwanted or abandoned purebred dogs.

SPDR is operated by dedicated volunteers; we have no office or kennel space, and we are funded entirely by donations.

SPDR’s rescue approach is characterized by a team of volunteers called Breed Representatives. These individuals typically possess first-hand knowledge and years of experience with a particular breed, and have been carefully screened and trained by SPDR to coordinate that breed’s rescue.

This breed-specific expertise is what sets SPDR apart, both during and after the adoption process.









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